TicketHash Technology is proud to announce it’s partnership with FZW Event GmbH in Dortmund. This ambitious collaboration aims to create and improve network interactions between Live Music stakeholders, like event promoters, ticket issuers, venue operators, event sponsors, artists, and music fans.

It’s very important for artists that they can leverage the fan engagement opportunities which new technologies bring.
Most of the attention in music innovation has been on streaming music and social media, but live music, the purest direct-to-consumer interaction between artists and fans, is the backbone of the artist fan relationship. Technological innovations are available and will be applied to benefit both the artist and the fan.

The FZW is known as an innovative organiser of youth and pop culture experiences. As one of Europe’s leading regional venues FZW has built a deep understanding of how artists and fans create community; different genre communities have their own rules and behaviours. Servicing the artist-fan relationship takes specialist insights into community behaviours.

The FZW offers events for dynamic subcultures and music scenes. With over 250 events per year, the FZW covers a considerable cultural range.

FZW Hall: capacity unseated 1300

Stay tuned! More information and partners to be announced soon…

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