A very interesting project we did last year based on #iota technology.

We are mentioned by name in the Spotify podcast from minute 23. Unfortunately only in German.

Many thanks to Volker Pohlueke and Hasan Edrees from Brainstorm GmbH for the assignment. It was very enlightening to implement this innovative project together with #IOTA Technology.

Also a big thank you to Ms Patricia Olbert from In|Die RegionRuhr for the quick networking and administrative support.

In|Die RegionRuhr as a digital factory is a cooperation project of the business development agencies and chambers of commerce in Bochum, Dortmund and Hagen.

We look forward to further projects with you.

Many thanks to all involved!

#smartcontracts #blockchain #iota #payperuse #industry4 #embeddedsystems #pcbdesign